The capability to gain the attention of, and engage, an audience with live graphics is an increasingly valued skill for leaders, presenters, trainers, and facilitators.

In 2008 I developed a unique programme of experiential learning in the application of live graphics, visual language/thinking. I offer a unique learning experience that develops these skills and simultaneously, through progressive practical application, builds the participants’ confidence in their ability to incorporate these skills into their professional practice – and so continue to develop them.


The training offer is based upon a common framework of understanding so that there is consistency at all levels and across all applications. It has proved effective across a wide range of professional fields.

This programme has been delivered across Europe and more widely through partners, such as Hemsley Fraser in the UK and DEMOS in Europe, to clients as diverse as Siemens, Qatari Real and the Royal Institute of Insurance and the MidPacific Institute Middle School, Honolulu.

Take a look in my portfolio section to browse examples of previous trainings.