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“Nick brings a unique skill set to projects – in our case, the ability to be a human PowerPoint. On quick turnaround, Nick participated in an important client presentation, bringing his strategic creativity and insights to our project. I highly recommend Nick when getting ‘outside the box’ is necessary.”
Jeff Chertack , Ogilvy Group Belgium

“I used Nick’s phenomenal graphic synthesis skills to capture a world café event that I facilitated. Nick did an incredible job capturing the dialogue in the room, and then recording the key themes and representing them as a huge picture. The graphic was then use to summarise the discussion and provide a talking point to close the session, as well as then being circulated digitally to provide a genuinely useful record of the event. Feedback was tremendous and aside from his incredible skill as an artist, Nick was easy to work with and got up to speed with the subject matter quickly.”
Mark Smith, LexisNexis

“Nick’s work has been consistently high quality in terms of both creativity and thoroughness – he listens carefully and captures what’s happening in the room and also helps the groups synthesize their sometimes confusing messages into a more coherent one.”
Stuart Turnbull, Partner, Mercer Consulting

“After the training we started a harvesting initiative in the bank with volunteer ‘graphic harvesters’. We are confident that this will plant seeds for better use of graphic recording in everyday meetings.”
Zoe Fitzgerald, Santander Brazil